(Alternate nostril breathing): You are welcome to my Blog, ““. Let’s learn in detail about a very important topic that should not be missed in our daily life. That is Alternate nostril breathing  _Nadishodhana. It can provide our body with essential oxygen and energy, it has been accepted all over the world and researched. It can eliminate various diseases. Nadi refers to the energy that circulates throughout your body, while Nadi Shodhana refers to purifying or cleansing. Alternate nostril breathing then, is said to help clear your energy channels and bring about inner balance.



The main purpose of alternate nostril breathing _nadishodhana is to purify the nerves and thereby to strengthen the nervous system. It is easy to do as it is useful. Increase its duration gradually after attaining the concentration of mind . Nadis are the subtle energy channel in the human body, which can be closed due to various reasons. Nadis purification pranayama is a process of breathing that helps in cleaning these energy systems smoothly, and thus the mind clams down.


Sit in a comfortable posture: close your eyes make your breathing normal, close your right nostril with your thumb and fill in the breath through the left nostril. when the breath has been filled inside, close the left nostril with your third finger and stay in this state for a few seconds. Then left the thumb from the right nostril and exhale slowly, keeping the left nostril closed. Repeat the process by inhaling through the left nostril and exhaling through the right nostril. This will complete one full round of Alternate nostril breathing ( Nadi Shodhana).


. It helps to relieve depression, stress and anxiety.

. Regular practice is considered very helpful and useful in treating respiratory disorders such as asthma, bronchitis, etc.

. Various researches conducted indicated that doing this alternate nostril breathing exercise has relieved serious health disorders, such as heart problems, severe depression, high blood pressure, arthritis, migraine pain.

. Helpful is controlling negative thoughts.

. Thinking becomes positive and you can overcome negative feelings like anger, forgetting disease, restlessness and despair.

. Concentration, patience, meditation, decision making ability and invention also increase as the benefit of this pranayama.

. Vata, phlegm and bile-3 of the body balance the defects.


Alternate nostril breathing is a breathing  exercise based on yoga. It can help reduce stress or anxiety. Research shows that it is also good for the heart, lungs and brain. To practice Alternate nostril breathing_ Nadishodhana, people breathe gently through one nostril while closing the other nostril with their finger, then they exchange. people who practice Alternate breathing_Nadishodhana regularly, will benefit the most.


Ques: 1.Is alternate nostril breathing good for high blood pressure?

. Hypertension has a direct relationship with the circulation, respiration. From this we can conclude that regular simple nasal breathing exercises are effective in reducing high blood pressure.

Ques:2. Which nostril is connected to the brain?

. Alternate nostril breathing is a yoga practice with controlled breathing. In Sanskrit this is called Nadi Shodhana Pranayama. In translation, it means “breathing technique that purifies subtle energies.”

Ques:3. What are 3 benefits of breathing?

. Reduces stress and increases calmness.

 .Relieves pain. …stimulates the lymphatic system (removes toxins from the body).

. Enhances immunity. …increases energy.

. Reduces blood pressure,

. Improves digestion.

Ques: 4. What is the opinion of researchers and WHO about alternate nostril breathing practice?.

. Research shows that, it can help reduce stress or anxiety, and also good for the heart, lungs and brain.

Ques:5. Is Alternate nostril breathing dangerous?

. Alternate breathing through the nose is safe for most people. Light exercise like this can help you breathe, but deep breathing can be difficult if you have a lung condition like asthma or COPD.


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